What You Can't See, Just Might Be Killing You

Dedicated to Those Seeking Relief

                               You don't feel well; the doctor says it must be allergies. 

            There's a musty smell in your home or place of work, but no one is listening.
         Sometimes you feel like your going crazy because everyone is telling you there's 
            nothing wrong. Your insurance company won't help either. You're not crazy!

MOLD is serious business! It is listed as a “Biological Hazard” and has been documented to cause adverse health effects. If anyone tells you differently, please ask them, “If there’s nothing to it, why do the insurance companies pay billions of dollars every year to persons who have been affected by it?

The fact is if there was not’t something to it you could throw some bleach on it yourself and walk away. The real facts tell us, bleach doesn’t kill mold, and in most cases it will take a Certified Mold Professional to get rid of it.

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                              What are Some Common Symptoms of Mold Exposure?

Runny Nose
Chronic Cough
Breathing Problems Sometimes Similar to Asthma 
Chronic Lung and / or Sinus Infections
Ear Pain or Stopped Up Ears / Ear Infections
Skin Rashes Open Skin Sores on your Body 
Hair Loss
Memory Loss 
Swollen Glands in your Neck or Underarm Areas
Itchy eyes
Eye Irritation or Infection
Feeling Tired or "Lethargic"

Not everyone responds to Mold Exposure exactly the same. Your body many produce different symptoms not included in this list.

                                           MOLD Has Been Linked to Serious Disease


                          "Family Awarded “MOLD” Settlement of $22.6 MILLION"

                                                                                    (See Entire Story)

Mold Exposure has been linked directly to:

Brain Damage
Liver Damage and Cancer
Kidney Damage and Cancer
Lung Damage and Cancer

To Learn More About The Symptoms of Mold Exposure

To Learn More About the Diseases Caused by Mold, Mold Sickness and the Health Risk of Mold  "MoldSickness.Org"

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To Learn More About Testing the Human Body for Mold Illness  "Mold Blood Test"

This is why the Insurance Companies, Apartment Complex Management, Landlords, Employers and Homeowner's Associations are extremely afraid of mold being discovered and you knowing all of the legitimate facts. Their goal is to keep it quite and minimize their risks and exposure, not yours.

To Find Medical Treatment for Mold Exposure and Mold Doctors  Mold Treatment Centers Of America

                    Why Report Your Mold Problems to MOLD REPORT. COM?


The first question is do you know what you’re doing and do you really know anything about mold?

Also, you may not be the only person or family who has a Mold Complaint where you are living.

The most critical factor is if your situation is not handled correctly from the start you can miss the detailed and most important documentation or steps in securing the necessary information you will need to prove your case of why you need relief from your mold contaminated environment.

Many people who have tried to present their  mold complaints to management, insurance carriers or those who could have been of help without the proper documentation or guidance have wound up loosing their health, their homes, their furniture and clothing to Mold with no one to blame but themselves. The key is documenting Mold Contamination correctly the first time and let everyone else worry about how they are going to help you remedy your situation. Once you have documented and Reported Mold correctly all parties will have to act in a responsible manner in the best interest of you and your family.